Thursday, September 9, 2010

Roll Tide Roll!

Football has invaded our house... and will be here until January. And I couldn't be happier. Well, I suppose I could. But, nonetheless, I am terribly excited about football season... especially Bama football. Why? Who knows. Southern Roots, maybe? I suppose. I remember my parents listening (YES, I said listening, not watching) to "the game" when I was a kid. That's just what they did. Rarely watching, always listening. In fact, I remember watching Bear Bryant's funeral IN SCHOOL. My mom worked in the lunchroom and she brought a tv to school and plugged it in for us to watch. Or maybe I'm a fan because I was in the band... maybe. Or maybe because at the age of 15, I met my future husband... and he and his 3 brothers are some crazy, serious Alabama fans. Maybe that's it too. Whatever the reason, I'm just a football junkie. I don't care who's playing, I'll watch it. It's just fun. Now, don't get me wrong... as much as I like it, I don't plan my life around it. If I miss a Bama game, I'm okay with that. But if I'm at home during this time of the year, I try to have it on football... I'm just that kinda girl. No complaints from my husband, I tell ya.

So, with that being said... to celebrate the beginning of football season, what better way to get things going than a crafty craft made by yours truly?! There is no better way, you say! So, using my trusty Cricut, and this ever so famous tutorial, I whipped up these for the sweet youngins. Aren't they just the cutest? The kids, of course. Roll Tide Roll!

August 1262

And as a sidenote... Year before last, Ella's favorite number was 8 (Julio Jones' number, of course. :) Then, for a while, she wanted us to take her to a game so that she could ride on his shoulders. Ummm... yeah. And now she asked me tonight if it would be okay to be Julio Jones for Halloween. She has it all planned. She's gonna use her floaties as pads and get a football jersey with his number on it and have me paint her brown...... I think she may have me beat on this football fever.... ya think?

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  1. That story about Ella wanting to ride on Julio Jones' shoulders made me laugh! I love that girl!