Monday, May 3, 2010

Place mat pillow

I found this great place mat at the Dollar Tree and decided it would make a great pillow. It's perfect for Shep's room. The great thing about this place mat is that it already had a backing so all I needed to do was unstitch a section, fill with stuffing and re-stitch the place mat. I went one step further and added Shep's name to it.

place mat
fabric paint
freezer paper
sponge paint brush

Using your cricut machine, choose your design. In this case, I wanted to personalize the pillow, so I did "Shep" using my SCAL software and the CAC One Seventy font. Place freezer paper shiny side down in your cricut machine. Set the cricut (pressure 4, blade 3 and speed3) and cut the design.
Place place mat on ironing board and place the cut out design onto the place mat shiny side down. It must be shiny side down so that the freezer paper will adhere to the fabric. Iron over the place mat for approximately 10 seconds to ensure all parts are adhered.
Take another piece of freezer paper and place on the inside of the place mat before painting. This will keep the paint from bleeding through.

Once that paper is in place, you are ready to paint. Using a sponge paintbrush, sponge the paint onto the place mat where it is cut out. I use a sort of pouncing method and NOT a stroking method. Once it is dry... that's it!! Fill with stuffing and restitch.

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  1. I think I bought that exact placemat. It looks great as a pillow!