Thursday, June 24, 2010

Theology Thursday

I apologize for not posting last weeks Theology Thursday. I've been busy with carting Ella here there and everywhere the past few weeks. We've had a blast with the rodeo, only one day of VBS (boo hoo... she was bummed about it) the Wetumpka Depot Summer program, horse riding (although it's been too hot this week), piano, and now Big River practice. So, to say summer is in full swing is an understatement. We hope to call down next week... ha. Funny.

So, in thinking about irresistible grace, I thought back on a blog entry that I remember John Piper posting. I remembered the title of it because I thought it was so fitting for the doctrine. I had to go back in the Desiring God archives and look for it, but, AHA! I found it!

It said that Grace is resistible... until it's not. Isn't that so true? We can and we do resist grace. But when God chooses you... there is no win in the resisting.

"The point of irresistible grace is not that we can’t resist. We can and we do. The point is that when God chooses, he overcomes our resistance and restores a submissive spirit. He creates. He says, “Let there be light!” He heals. He leads. He restores. He comforts." John Piper.

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