Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here we go!

I thought I would share a few reasons as to WHY I decided to start blogging...

-to share my ideas/creations with others.
-to "virtually" meet others with my same interest; wifing, mothering, homeschooling, crafting, photography, cooking, theology... the list goes on!
-a way to express my love for God who save a wretched sinner like me. To bring glory to Him in my life and to engage others in theological conversations.
-to share with others the projects my husband and I work on.
-a place to de-clutter my mind --smiling-- maybe...
-I read so many other blogs that I thought it best to start my own and share my life with others as well.

In other words... this will be a place to show everyone what goes on at OUR PLACE! You will see a little bit of everything... and I mean SEE. I'm a photographer (well, I used to be... I'm semi-retired!) too which means I have to document everything with my camera. Everything from my kiddos to sometimes what I'm having for lunch. Hang on, get ready... cause Here We Go!

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