Monday, April 19, 2010

Hobby number one...

Along with a million other things I like to dabble in, photography is my "consistent" hobby. I've always loved taking pictures... flowers, landscape and family. After Ella was born, I continued to work at Colonial Bancgroup for a few years. Thanks to Dave Ramsey's plan, we were able to lower our debt and we made the decision for me to stay at home... and I've never look back! So, I began to venture more into my hobby. Mainly because I could no longer afford to take her to have her portraits made by a professional. So, I did the next best thing and learned how to do it myself. You see, I really have a hard time paying somebody for something I can do/make myself. And this is how my photography business began. I kept my business for several years until I realized that it was a BUSINESS and I was working again! That was the point of staying at home, right? To not work! So, I ended my business in 2009. Yes, I still love photography. Yes, I occasionally take pictures for others. And the great thing about it is... I can turn someone down whenever I want... and I don't mean that in a bad way. Really.

So, what's in my camera bag? People always want to know... so here goes. It's nothing fancy, honest.

I used a Fuji S3Pro for the duration of my business. But last year, I decided to buy another camera that had higher ISO capabilities... thus, led me to purchase my Nikon D90. I adore this camera. I bought it mainly because of the ISO capabilities being better along with it being less bulky than my Fuji and it would tuck away in my purse a lot easier than my old camera. So, in my camera bag is:

Nikon D90
50mm 1.8 lens
60mm 2.8 macro

and that's it!

Here are some images from it:

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