Monday, May 17, 2010

Front Porch redo

This weekend, we worked a little bit on revamping the front porch. We really want to make the redo with things that we already have. We are trying very hard to be resourceful with the things that we have and not buy anything new. And honestly... that's very hard to do! I'll admit, I'm very frugal and thrifty. But it's hard to be resourceful with things I have when I'd love to be finding a good bargain somewhere. But as great as the bargains may be, I'm making myself use the blessings the Lord has given us and not buy STUFF just to be buying. I read a blog post on Life in Grace that calls this "redecoranging"... :)

Here are before pictures of the porch:

I had pretty much cleared everything off when I took these pictures.



I can't wait to show the after pictures to you! We are still working on it... maybe we will be finished by the weekend and I'll reveal it!!

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